Friday, December 08, 2006

It looks like winter

So last night I get back from the store around 8:30, mix of snow and rain. Look out the window few minutes later and its changed to snow. Call up Svendo (he's out being some good dad or something). Waited for about 45 minutes and decided to go around 9:30. It was snowing pretty good. Cut through the development to Old Mil, up Davis to the top, down to Overlook to see if Korea Slime was there, he's babysitting JJ's house while he's in FLA, no Korea to be found. Down around Hiram Philbrook back to Old Mill, cut through the woods to Svendo's. Shined the light into his windows but thought he was asleep so continued back home. Go figure he was up, although at that point I'd been out for a while and he would've wanted to go out. Good ride, first storm of the year, maybe 2 inches to play in. Visibility was pretty bad and the car that past me on Davis on the way up probably thought I was crazy, well maybe their right. Actually brought the camera, it was snowing a lot harder than the photo looks but check out my helmet, that shows a bit of snow.

The Original Steak Sauce

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Blur said...

A1 gets props for that. I was out at Polar Express with the girls, so I missed out. I did go XC skiing with Lillybean this morning, that was fun.

First XC race of the season tomorrow- hmmmmmm, the starfish will return.