Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nope fooled yah

It's not really winter, just fall dressed up in a fancy dress pretending to be winter. Damn Transfallite. Anywho, rode in this morning. Little chilly on the road until I hit the trails at Sears up the powerlines and in. Powerlines were fairly dry. Not sure what route I'll take home in the dark, whether I dodge water holes again or just hit the road. Plus the big bear tracks I saw on the way in may sway that decision.

On the sponsor front, 2007 is really shaping up and should have some news in the next few days. Can't tell the full details but looks like I'll get support again from my wife and kids and working on a blockbuster sponsorship from my parents. Milk and cookies for everybody.

A-to-the-1 Steak-to-the-Sauce

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