Monday, December 18, 2006

Screw skiing it's cycling season

Bah snowbug. A1 and I got out for a painful hour long ride doing the Gulf Road loop at about 9pm on Saturday. Even on the weekend we can't get out during daylight. Of course I make that statement and the next day I snuck out for just shy of an hour cruising around pine tree and then heading into the top of Davis just for fun. It was good but I'm telling myself that my brakes were dragging cuz my legs were killing me!

Maybe I'll be able to talk A1 and ANG into a ride tonight- hmmmmm.

Rumor has it I'll be racing in Team colors next year- I'm pretty psyched about that. No I'm not leaving TWAF, despite what A1 is going to say. I'm TWAF forever, especially as I get weaker and feebler.

Now hope for snow so we can get out on skis.


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