Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It won't be long before we count down to the new year. I have been taking it pretty easy for the last month since the end of the cross series up at Great Glen. No real organized training or guilt when I didn't get out on the bike. The funny part is that instead of feeling rested and refreshed I feel bogged down and sluggish- unlike those guys who train real hard I don't have "overtraining" issues so a break from the bike is just a period of laziness and going backwards. I guess that means it's time to ramp things up, set some goals for 2007 and start using the T word.

Steak Sauce has been lifting and seems to have a glimmer in his eyes about the 2007 season, it could get interesting. Army National Guard just got back from Florida and we'll have to see if that little break has him fired up to ride- NK, he's in love so we won't be seeing him for at least another couple of months. PowderJew is in full bore ski season mode, so his bike won't see daylight for a few months. That basically leaves A1, ANG, and myself to pick up the training and goal setting torch for 2007- any thoughts?

Night ride anyone?


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