Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A slow start

I've been getting out a bit more on the bike, got in better then three hours this weekend and did a half commute on Monday (ended up working super late and didn't have lights so needed to catch a ride home), and then of course it snowed again- argh.

Drove over the Kanc yesterday- the snowbanks are rather impressive. I think JJ and I are going to try and ride it this weekend- we'll have to see if we can get A1 to go with us as well.

Box season continues, and I think I have everything I need for the Mamasita build, I'm thinking that will happen tonight, JJ may come over to build his Dos as well. I've got a few other bike projects- but the DA kit over on to the Surly cross-check and the the new Rival kit will go onto the Primero, then I need to sell the Jake and also the Specialized SS, so if anyone is looking let me know!

The girls are down in FL doing the disney thing and I'm hanging with the dogs and snowbanks, hmmmm.

Hopefully we get good weather this weekend and we can snap a few pics from the Kanc ride- should be pretty cool with the 12 foot plus snowbanks!



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weak and feeble said...

I'm in for a Kanc ride this weekend.

On a side note I'm downloading music with my 4 year old onto his Ipod. Just had to buy Flo Rida (Low) and a band called The Used(Handsome Awkward)from Transformers for him. Scary he's more up to date than me on music.