Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cycling Socks

I'm going to poke fun at myself, as I am one of those riders who wears cycling socks pretty much all the time at least once the temperatures get warm enough that I can stop wearing winter weight ski socks! I know I've read in several places out on this world wide web that doing that is considered "poserish", so alas I am once again a poser- just like my mid eighes days when I couldn't afford a pro model skate board and had a Nash board until I had collected enough cans and bottles to buy a Santa Cruz Hosoi, with Indy 169's and SC slimeballs (damn I loved that board!)- it was funny my love of skating didn't change between the two boards- but once I had a "real" board I was no longer a poser- interesting.

I bring this up as I was sitting at my desk talking with one of our coders and I saw my socks (so I took a picture) and I realized I was a poser.

my hairy ankle and purtty sock

So I started thinking about my socks, and I either own cycling socks- most of which are freebees that I've won at races (not for my speed- but for hanging out long enough that I win a raffle of some sort). Most of them are like the ones I have one- Michelin (Thanks Mike!) or they are Bikeman socks. Now the reality is I don't really buy clothes- so my sock collection are either wool socks from Smartwool (I used to get them for free as a product tester- I miss those days) or my cycling socks- or my least favorite- dress socks that are required when I try to look all professional.

I guess my point is do I make fun of myself for wearing cycling socks all the time, or do I make fun of those who spend thier money on casual socks instead of a new pair of Mavic c29's? Hmmmmm thoughts to ponder.

Anyway it's sunny out- hoping to get out for a ride soooooooon, hoping to get on trails soon as well. Anyone in the NE region got rideable trails? Would love to hear about it!




weak and feeble said...

Interesting thought, glad work is busy for you.

I actually rode on Monday with my white knee high cotton socks rolled down. Nikki thought I was pretty hot. They balled up at the bottom and almost resembled the French roll of the jeans back in the late 80's. Good times. I'm not a poser just a tool.


weak and feeble said...

Huh, that latest comment just made me realize I've become that guy. You know the one you see walking down the street and say laughing "look at that guy." I'm buying a fanny pack next.


bluecolnago said...

cycling socks all the time? that's perfectly normal! yeah!

rolled down white knee highs and a fanny pack? i have to get out there....

Anonymous said...

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