Wednesday, April 09, 2008


With the temps finally warming up and snow banks on roads melting I've gotten out for some longer rides recently. Saturday did the loop from home to West Side to North Conway village and back down North South Road and home. That evening I decided to grab the SS and head out for a little spin around Old Mill and Pine Tree to play around a little. Sunday was cold and rainy so Monday Nikki and I rode the North South to the village again and then around Old Bartlett by Cranmore and back to the village and home. Yesterday I had to bring some tax things to our accountant so I decided to ride. He's in Tamworth Village so I headed down Rte. 16 to Rte. 113 in Chocorua then continued on that to the village. Decided to bypass Page Hill as it was pretty sandy, or that's my excuse, it's friggin steep too. Accountant wasn't there so I spun back and rode the same route home. Little over 40 miles on the ride and best part I saved about $10 in gas (now that diesel is over $4 gal.). Today I had to bring the truck to Meredtih to get serviced and oil change so I turned down all offers for a ride home and brought my bike instead to ride back. Another $10 savings. I've never ridden that far south of here. Pretty decent amount of hills and roads are really smooth. Only really bad section is from The Neck Road in Moultonboro to the school, absolutely no shoulder and was pushed off once by a tractor trailer on one of the corners. It seems for every hill you climb you descend one as well so the 23 mile ride was actually just over an hour and ten. Stopped at our garage in Tamworth and grabbed another truck as I have a meeting later and needed a vehicle so wasn't able to continue to Conway. So since Saturday I've been about 115 miles, not bad. Legs feel decent too.

After yesterdays ride I went to Frontside got a large coffee and a donut, then decided the donut was good so I drove to Leavitts for 2 more. Monday after the ride I also drove to Frontside for a capuchino and a cookie, yummy. I'm off to get more donuts now, sweet.


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