Friday, April 25, 2008

The New Ride

I got the Mamasita fianlly built and got it out for a test ride last night. No pics as yet- but I'll get those up soon.

It's nice, the handling is quicker that the El Mariachi and it is lighter despite having gears and suspension. Actually I haven't put it on a scale, but my gut is that it's lighter.

Right now I'm running a grip shift for the front, which was much better then the monstosity I was trying to build (a cut down Scott bar end with a bar end shifter stuck into it- not sure what I was trying to do with that other then make it look like a mac truck!)

I'm trying to descide if I should cut down my ergon grip so it fits with the grip shift or if I buy a SRAM front trigger- hmmmm.

I got out on a few trails, but the snow was mostly gone- until I hit a snowbank and cracked my left knee on the stem and M%$^&YF@#$er it hurt! Then last night it was really swollen and I couldn't really walk- but by this morning it bends, it's tender but I was able to ride in without to much pain.

Looks like we might head south tomorrow to Fort Rock- looking forward to giving a ride report on that system.

Also hoping to get JJ and A1 out with rakes at Pine Tree and that will be buffed with about an hour's work by the three of us.

Get out and ride.


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