Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dos in progress....

I went over to DEA's last night with a bunch of bike parts and some beer. We made some good progress on my Dos Niner.

Still need to finish running some cables and get the drivetrain dialed in.

I am trying to run the wheelset tubeless with some Stans sealant and regular Maxxis tires. We were able to get the front to air up pretty easily, but the rear was a nightmare and we never did get the bead to set and hold any air.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how its coming together. Much thanks to DEA for his bike prowess. I need to buy more beer so we can finish the job and start to out his Mamasita together. Of course we have another 3 months of winter yet, so what's the rush?



bluecolnago said...

ohhhhhhhhhh....... i think the trick to bike building is to drink plenty of beer before starting the build then continue while you're wrenching. it gives you a much clearer perspective.


it looks good!

64f forecast for us tomorrow. whoohoo!!!!

weak and feeble said...

Forcast for today is 1-4 inches of white stuff they call snow.


Anonymous said...
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