Monday, April 21, 2008

Good three days

Friday I was able to take a client out skiing, up on Mount Washington. It was epic weather- blue bird, no wind- warm temps. In fact it was one of the warmest days I've ever had skiing up there. We got a bit of a late start but it wasn't long before we were passing people on the Tucks trail as we skinned up. The skin track was in great shape and every time I go up there I realize that hiking with skis on your back sucks, skinning is the way to go!

We got to HoJos and here's a shot of Patrick and I relaxing for a minute:

Patrick and I at Hojo's

Here is a view of Hillmans Highway- this is to the left as you look up of Tuckerman Ravine. The top isn't as steep up in Tuck's, but I really like skiing in there as there usually aren't as many people.

Hillmans is the line in the center that runs from the top to the bottom of the pic

Then this weekend got out for a spin on Saturday just tooling around the camp roads around the lake and then up and over the back of Davis for about 1:15 then headed home to cook up some wings. Here is visual proof that JJ isn't always a beer snob!

Dennis drinking the good stuff

On Sunday K, Lillo and my mother ran the 5km race at Pine Tree so Emma and I chased them around on bikes (Emma on the trail-a-bike) along with my father. It was cool as it was an out and bike course so we rode down the yellow line cheering both the leaders and the those just out for a cruise. Then later in the day we went out for a family cruise on some of the dirt roads- I need to get a better fender as Emma was pretty covered with mud!

So that was the weekend. The Mamsita is partially built- still have some work to do.

That's it from here.



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