Thursday, April 10, 2008

The riding efforts begin

It's been a great week. Got out with A1 and his wife on Saturday, skied like a mad man on Sunday with a group of 60+ year olds and tried my damndest to stay with them (and my legs are still killing me!) Got in some commuting this week and snuck out with JJ for a good lunchtime spin yesterday. This morning I rode in and my legs were junk- I'm thinking it was the Applebees I ate last night- I should have known better!

I'm hoping to get in some good milage this weekend and maybe we can talk about a trip not to far south to get on trails here pretty quick- that would be sweet!

The Mamasita is still in bubble wrap- saving that for a rainy day project.

That's it from here- but I hope everyone is taking advantage of this great weather this week. I did see Michelin Mike out yesterday



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