Monday, April 28, 2008

Ride at Fort Rock

Got in a good ride down at Fort Rock in Exeter, went down with JJ and picked up my brother in law at 8am and then headed over to the trail head. None of us had been there so we weren't sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised, good trails (lots of rock- hence Fort Rock!) and a ton of bridges with NEMBA etched into the decking.

The riding was fairly technical, lots of stutter pedaling and lots of having to loft the wheel up and over. It was fun, but I'd hate to race on that course with a fully rigid SS.

I did have one mishap- fell off a bridge- or maybe dove off is the better description. I landed flat on my back in a nasty ass swap of black stinky muck. Which I found to be pretty funny. I remember JJ doing a very similar thing, so I think maybe he found it humourous to look at me sinking into the swamp. Of course you do something stupid like that and you know there is an injury somewhere under the black muck. It was my shin and I knew it was going to hurt- but I also knew that I had another hour or so of riding so I didn't want to know how bad or not bad it was.

The real bummer at the time was how wet I was, so I started getting a bit cold and to be honest my confidence had been shaken a bit- so I was a bit more hesitant from that point going forward. I still had fun and then I started getting back in my groove and felt pretty good at the end. We'll have to go back down. Thank you to JJ and Frank for the ride, and we'll get back down there at some point I'm sure.



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