Tuesday, July 15, 2008

24 Hours

I keep looking at the calendar and realizing that the 24hours of great glen is closing in fast. I have to admit I'm not as nervous as I'd like to be, I almost feel a need to be scared a bit to try and get me into a bit more of a training mode. Although I can't really complain as I am getting out on the bike pretty much daily now, just no crazy long rides (maybe Sunday).

Of course there has been a bit of a reason for me being a bit off my game. This coming Friday will be my last day at Glen Group, I am leaving to take on a new challenge over at Bridgton Academy- pretty much same job title, but very different environments and challenges. This has been a long process to get this deal done (several months) but it has been a good process. We (my family and I) will be actually living on campus in a house that sits right on top of the hill with the athletic fields as our back yard- pretty sweet. So we'll be renting our house in Center Conway (anyone interested let me know!). Big changes and something I'm really excited about but it has made the past couple of months a bit tough to stay focused on the bike. That being said I raced bikes for BA back in the late 80's early 90's (cycling used to be a school sport with a school boy league in Maine) and my old cycling coach still works there- so maybe I can get him to lean on me a bit and whip me back into shape!

That's it for today. Racing tonight up at GGTOC for the Importech Summer Series, so that should be fun (high amount of pain for a short amount of time).

That's my story- rest day at the Tour- time to catch our breath and start dreams of CVV standing on the podium in Paris!



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