Tuesday, July 08, 2008

a leg shake down

Went out for a solo spin on the El Mariachi, Davis to Gulf to Leavitt to Greely to Potter, a spin in Pine Tree and then home. It felt good to get out and do a bit of climbing. Today (Tue) we have the first race up at Great Glen for the Summer Series, should be good. Even shorn the legs for the occasion- should make me MUCH faster (at least in picking off the ticks that had been hiding in the hair).

The TT is going on right now- hmmm, wonder who will pull it off. I would have a hard time betting against the big swiss TT machine, but you just never know. I did see that someone what topping out over 50mph on a false flat- WTF!!! That's fast.

Racing tonight on the Mamasita, I think I've gotten that a bit more dialed- we shall see.

Flying the Bikeman colors tonight- hopefully I'll do them proud.



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