Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A bit faster

Raced up at Great Glen last night and felt pretty good 80% of the time, then 10% of the time I felt dead and the other 10% felt like it was my first time trying to ride a bike!

Went faster then last week so that was good, cleaned a section at race pace that I wanted to and then completely blew a line on Whiplash that caused me to run for a bit. But got back on and rode well after that.

I'm having a weird vibration coming out the ass end of the Mamasita (that just sound funny) under heavy braking. Need to figure that out as it is load and annoying. At first I thought it was the QR touching the chain stay but I changed the orientation and that didn't solve the issue. Bolts all seem tight- and it's a metalic vibration so I'm at a bit of a loss. It must have something to do with the pads and then the vibration is being resonated through the frame- hmmmm, any thoughts?

Anyway, after the race Howie and I headed up the switchbacks and then out a new section of single track (that could be really sweet- but needs a bit of work right now so stay tuned on that), a girl that works up at GGTOC came with us- Megan (a super strong rider) so we made our way along the trail- some walking, some riding and lots of bugs. We let Megan ride through as I wanted to see Howie tackle a particular section of trail, after which we hear this awful crashing sound followed by a "I'm stuck!"- we run up the trail and find Megan completely upside down in a small ravine- her foot stuck under her seat post and seat- not sure how to explain but the seat, seat post and log created a "hole" that her foot was in. I got her unstuck while Howie took a picture! (I'll try to get a copy of the picture). Amazingly she was ok- I think it freaked her out a bit- as it should have as she fell a long way! She's a tough kid and riding strong so keep you're eyes peeled for Meghan Skidmore's name in results!

Needless to say this piece of single track will not be in the 24 hour race this year- but may be in the future with some work- there is some great terrain out there just needs some massaging.

That's it for now.



ok- late edit- here is the photo from "Operation Meghan Rescue"

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bluecolnago said...

the megan crash could have been nasty. good thing you guys were there to rescue her! sounds like some mighty fine trails!