Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reality setting in

Raced last night up at Great Glen, it was fun but I was a hurting unit. Did an OK time, but would like to be 2 minutes faster (on a time in the 24's that's a fair amount of time to cut). Felt good on 75% of the course but didn't climb with much power and was a bit ragged on the single track. Raced with gears, and liked it!

Got up this morning for a little 5:30am shake out of the legs, spun for just over an hour. It felt good to get the junk out of the legs, although there were a few times I was upping the pace beyond a good relaxing pace, oh well. I guess A1 had called me last night to see if I wanted to go this AM- so we were on the same page, but I never got the message (I guess I should go listen now). I think A1 is under the same thinking that I am- time to get off our asses and start riding for real with 24 less then a month away!



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weak and feeble said...

Ya, A1 called me last night about the race as well and I was mid way into a big fat burrito down here in Atlanta. Not much riding so far on vacation other than a spin in DC around the monuments.