Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Gravel Grind

Got out on the road bike for a good cruise on Saturday and then yesterday jumped out on the El Mariachi for a bit of singlespeed gravel grinding. Rolled out from my house, up and over Davis, Gulf all the way to the Thorne's then rolled back to Leavitt to Greely, Potter, down to the single track that connects Mill Street to Mudget, then rolled Mudget to Morrison, then 302 back to the Pine Tree single track back to Mill Street, up Old Mill, up Davis and down the creepy side (that I had never ridden- have to ask A1 or JJ what the name of that is) then up the back of Davis and then cruised the new Royal View development and then finally went home- basically about two hours.

Had moments where I felt great and moments where I didn't feel so good. I was grooving to music the whole time and enjoyed the ride.

It did make me think about the fact that I need to do that same ride about 8 or 9 more times to pull about 15 laps at 24HOGG. Ughhh. So that's the game plan safe number- 12 laps (want my 100 miles) and my goal number is 15. Not sure where 15 came from other then A1 rode 14 last year!

Today dealing with some showers and maybe even a few bolts of lightning. Now I need to go check Velo to see who's winning.



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