Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hissing in the woods

A1 and I snuck out for an hour rip around Davis Hill, riding the same loop JJ and I rode on Tuesday night. This was ride number 2 on the Rig and A1 took out his wife's Profet to give it a run, of course her bike wasn't really set up for him so the suspension was not quite dialed in for his 200 lbs frame. I think he did it so that he wouldn't leave me in the dust as I struggled on the climbs with my one gear!

It was a good ride, I was starting to feel much better on the bike. I had dialed the chain tension in a touch more and added about 35psi into the shock which dramatically improved the front end feel. My legs were feeling a bit soft with a fair amount of hard riding in them over the past few days as well as a good run earlier in the day (K has talked me into running Vermont City Marathon in May so I figure it's time to start running).

During the ride we spooked a good sized moose, which of course spooked us as well. Then later in the ride as we headed up towards the beaver pond something hissed at us from the side of the trail. I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out just a touch. It's been a pretty good few days in terms of wildlife sightings. The tally: a lot of wild turkeys, two dear, flying squirl, porcipine, owl, moose, and a hissy creature.

Rumor has it we'll be night riding again tonight- we'll have to see what we have to report tomorrow!



Dennis said...

must have been a good ride since you posted it twice.

weak and feeble said...

I wasn't too concerned about the hissing in the woods. DEA had his single speed, I had many pleasurable gears, and a long climb out. I didn't have to outclimb the hissing thing, only DEA.

Moose, that scared the snot out of me.