Friday, August 18, 2006

Pretty Standard Really

Not much going on. JJ sent a list of upcoming events but haven't heard which one's TWAF will be appearing at. I'm considering the Churn and Burn in CT in mid-September but haven't made my mind up. I think the only confirmed appearance will be at Porky Gulch.

I swapped out my WTB saddle for the Fi'zi:k Nisene. Cool looking seat, a lot narrower. Rode it first time this morning and I gotta admit about 15 minutes in to it I was wanting the WTB back. I'll get used to it, it is way easier to move on it just less padded. Oh yeah and Nikki got a new Prophet if you haven't heard. Guess she had a good time at the 24 Hours of Great Glen and got the itch to race.

Sounds like there may be a Team Weak and Feeble organized ride forming. We'll see if we can pull it off this fall. The Team Weak and Feeble Death March. Stole the idea from Not that this will be any different from any of our "training rides" earlier this year.

Average and Easy A1.

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