Friday, August 25, 2006

Season to a close?

Not sure what JJ is talking about when he says that the last Importech race will bring the season to a close! We've got races right up through November, JJ are you forgetting about Porky Gulch?

Last night was fun, fast, and a bit scary at fast. A course that enabled you to stay in the big ring the entire time so there is the speed factor, and the course is super twisty so that was the scary part. Right out of the start I tried to stay with the super stars- managed to do that for about half a lap until I went to hard to the inside of a turn and hit a pine tree that would make for some nice wide plank flooring for my house, but now I digress, anyway the impact bounced me completely out of my pedals but I somehow managed to stay on my bike. As all this was happening local speed demon Brian Byrnes came flying up from behind me (he had missed the start) and quickly passed and disappeared up the trail. I got back into rhythm and had a good race from that point on, but my shoulder is killing me today.

A1 and JJ looked strong at the finish, but we need to teach A1 how to sprint. He got picked off at the end by local legend- Doug Luther who had a vicious finish. We'll just have to put a Nutter Butter on a stick and put it in front of A1, then nobody will catch him!

A new cyclocross series up at Great Glen starting in October on Sunday mornings- should be good.

Ride tomorrow- any takers?


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