Tuesday, August 22, 2006

sticks and stones grows up a bit

so, the legendary sticks and stones trail has gotten an upgrade - to the tune of a new section of trail, making the once upon a time out-and-back trail into a full loop. this adds a lot of nice wrinkles to the puddin pond/peaked mtn./middle mtn./power lines area. it's going to allow for some neat routes and possibly even some time-trial style laps that could create some friendly competition among TWAF.

sunday morning after dragging my sorry carcass out of bed, i took a very liesurely trip up peaked/middle to the traverse, riding and re-riding sections that i didn't ride smoothly due to the weather being wet and the roots being coated with effing teflon, and after descending the power lines over to the puddin pond side of sticks and stones, i dropped into the new section to give it a whirl.

in a word: potential. currently, the trail is one big sponge, and needs to be ridden down and banked up a bit, but for the most part the new stunts have been added, and it certainly deserves to be a part of this area, but at the moment you're fighting soft ground. it's probably half the length of the existing sticks and stones (that's just my guess), but i'm very, very impressed with its layout and the whoop-de-doo sections that echo its big brother.

very tasty new section of singletrack! now let's go break it in some more...


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