Friday, August 25, 2006

Red Jersey/Importech Summer Series Race #3

Last night was the third race in the RJC/Importech Summer Race Series. I missed the two previous races with schedule conflicts so this was my first race in this series for the season. Better late that never. The Thorne Pond race is alwats a fast one. A pretty flat course with lots of tight turns. It turns out to be more of a track meet than anything else. There is not really any place to rest or catch your breath til its over. Regardless its a fun ride. TWAF had 3 riders last night, DEA, A1 am\nd myself, JJ. We all rode in the Sport class and did TWAF proud. DEA took first place in Sport Senior and A1 was a close second. I took first in Sport Veteran. Three racers and all three on the podium. Not too shabby. Next race in this series is Sept 23 at Bear Notch. A cool TT format and brings the racing season to a close.


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