Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a couple good rides

The Rig has arrived! Took it out for it's virgin trip last night. It looked like it was going to be a completely solo adventure as A1 had some work to do and I hadn't been able to connect with JJ, so I figured I'd cruise around on the road a bit and duck into Pine Tree for a few laps. The big wheels certainly carried their speed well and after messing around a bit with the seat hight and fore/aft position I found the sweet spot and got comfortable with how to make it go. It was then time to head into the woods to see what it could do.

It rolled over pretty much everything that I could find to run over, but I was running way to much air in tires and I found myself bouncing around and sliding off of roots with regularity. I dropped a few PSI out of the tires and that helped but I have to say that having been on tubeless for a few years now I'm sold on being able to run low PSI, I'll have to work on that with this bike.

I hadn't ridden up a real hill as of yet so I headed up Davis with the intent being to see if JJ had made it home and could be talked into heading out into the woods. The bike climbed well, the lock out on the Reba is nice. I don't have the pop lock on the bar but reaching down to the top of the fork crown wasn't an issue at all. I got up to JJ's and started shining my lights into his windows seeing if I could freak him out a bit, no luck. After blinding him when he opened the door he thought going for a ride was doable and he suited up. We headed to the top of Davis and dropped in by the stone wall. The Rig handled well on the descent and the big wheels rolled through the waterbars very easily. We got onto some rolling terrain and as long as I kept my momentum up the climbs weren't too bad, if I lost my line and started bouncing off of things it took some effort to get rolling again. All in all I was quite happy with how it was riding, although it's going to take me awhile to dial in my handling as the bike is a touch slower in that catagory.

It was a good ride and it'll be interesting to see how long the Blur stays on the hook and the Rig moves to the front of the line! Hopefully we'll get out for another night ride tonight and A1 looks to join us- NK, are you up for a rip through the woods?

I guess I should also mention a good ride on Monday, K and I had to head to my folks house to pick up the girls on Monday, but K had to leave early so she could hit yoga class. I descided to ride over after work, which seemed like a great idea at the time but as I rolled out of work I really didn't feel like spending two hours in the saddle. My crap attitude improved as I got out into Fryeburg Harbour as I started feeling a bit better (my lunch had consisted of left over cake, a milkyway, twizlers, and a cliff bar- food that we had kicking around a work) I was able to pick up the pace a bit and felt good on the climbs.

During the ride I saw 12 turkeys and two deer. In all it was a good ride and the american chop suey (sp?) at my folks house hit the spot as my first real food of the day.

So the total for the last three days is just shy of six hours of saddle time.


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