Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Cookies

So it was a good race last night and a good showing for TWAF. Course was super fast, and wicked tight. JJ and I prerode the course and with the two of us it was tight, now add 50+ more riders. Being my first Summer Series race I didn't listen to JJ and DEA and was in the back 2/3 at the start. Start goes off and it immediately backs up as it enters the woods. I can see the front gaining tons of time. By the time I got by slower riders it was about 1 1/2 laps in, sitting behind in the singletrack as there was just no room to pass, and then on the short fire roads passing in the high grass. Although losing my big ring on lap two didn't help. Using tons of energy.

All in all happy with the placing, kudos to JJ and DEA for their race. As far as sprinting at the end, I think the keyword is MOTOVATION. I had plenty of legs left but I'm fairly layed back so I don't really care, although now that Nikki pointed it out I'll sprint next time. And Bryson ate the entire cookie.


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