Friday, August 04, 2006

24 Hours of Great Glen

Only a week away from our second big objective of the season, the 24 Hours of Great Glen. A1, NK, PJ, and I (DEA) will be riding as Team Weak and Feeble. JJ will be riding with some of his office mates on the aptly named Team Weaker and Feebler (real original!)

TWAF will be rockin the 4 man sport while the TWAF'ers will be racing the 5 person open class. It should be an awsome race.

JJ, NK, and I raced up at GGTOC last night for the summer series where our team locked up the team title (good job guys!). JJ and I are both in good fights for the overall in our respective divisions- it'll come down to the last race of the season for both of us so it'll be a dog fight out there! Nothing like having to go deep into the red two days before the 24hr race!

This year 24HOGG has a new section of single track that I think will add a lot to the course. It's only .7 miles long but it's good terrain and has about a 75 foot elevation gain and does it over not much terrain. It'll string the field out a bit more before they get out into the tech single track latter in the course- my advice to teams looking to put in good first laps- RUN HARD and put in a huge effort in the first 10 minutes- you would want to be in the lead group heading into this new section if you was to see the front runners for the rest of the lap. I'd guess that by the third lap (third hour) the field should be pretty strung out.

While we are on the topic of Great Glen, I'm trying to convince Howie that they could run a weekly CX race under the lights up there, I think I've come up with a course that would be about 2.5 (maybe less) kilometers that would be a good mix and would all be under the lights- so they could run a 30 minute B race at 5:45pm and a 45 minute A race at 6:30pm- could be kinda fun! If you're looking for a cool race in November don't forget to check out the Porky Gulch Classic- the coolest stage race around. It's two days- day one is the Toughest Two- a two mile hillclimb TT up the first two miles of the Mount Washington Auto Road (you get to ride down after!), then that afternoon is the a road crit inside of Story Land- it's the coolest crit you'll ever ride!. Then on Sunday is the Rockpile Rampage Cross race up at Great Glen. November 4th and 5th (Ward- you better come back to defend!)
  • Porky Gulch Registration

  • Lots of good racing to be had. The Verge CX series dates has been released
  • Verge Schedule

  • And my old friends at Catamount in Vermont have a new race weekend- check this out:
  • Verge Schedule

  • Of course that is the same weekend as the last race in the Importech/Red Jersey Summer Series which will be at Bear Notch in Bartlett. I guess we'll have to see where I stand after the third race that is at Attitash in a couple weeks, if I'm in a position to win my division I might have to skip the cross race and race the mountain bike- only time will tell!

    I guess the good news is I'm even more excited to race my bike now then I was before Jay- that's a pretty cool feeling.

    I hope to see you out riding.


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