Monday, August 14, 2006

TWAF does the 24 of GG

Well another event is in the books. TWAF represented well and rode hard. I know cause I was witness to it. Conditions were just about ideal and the new course modifications were great. Its funny how a year of actual training can help for this event. There were some really hot teams with some really awesome riders. I'm still in awe of the younger kids (10 & 11 yr olds) doing it as a solo or pairs. Totally amazing!! TWAF posted a 10th place finish in Mens Sport with 25 laps. Another team bearing a similar name, which I rode on, placed 8th in the 5 Person Adult Co-Ed division with 20 laps. It will be interesting to see the individual lap times once they come out. We'll post more pics soon.


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