Monday, August 28, 2006

A good ride

A1, JJ, Jennifer and I headed out for a spin on Davis Hill yesterday morning and managed to beat the rain which was slated for the afternoon.

A1 and I met up with JJ and Jennifer up in the clearing off of Davis and headed out onto the network. A1 and I have come to conclussion that we need to start naming some of these trails as there are so many now that describing where we went is next to impossible!

It was a good ride, the trails were very dry and we managed to connect a few pieces together that we've ridden before more as out and backs. There is some really sweet single track out there!

After about an hour JJ and Jennifer needed to head back, A1 and I went in for another rip dropping in from the top of Davis near the stone wall. We ended up riding a section that I haven't been on in over a year and the four wheelers had found this trail- normally that bums me out but they have cleaned up in a way this one downhill and it is now a rip as you can really let it fly. Many of the corners have berms and the tread is fairly smooth.

At the end of the ride A1 and I logged about two hours, some of it at a really good pace. It'll be interesting to try and ride that on the new bike that should be arriving today or tomorrow- more on that when it's in hand.


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