Friday, September 01, 2006

A nice morning for a ride

Had a nice 6:30am ride this morning. DEA, myself, Jen and another friend Tim me up to ride the new and improved Sticks and Stones and then ride Peaked Mtn trails. We warmed up doing a lap around Sticks & Stones and DEA and I finished and waited for the others to arrive. After about 5 minutes we were getting concerned that a calamity befell one of our mates. At the point where we were about to go searching Tim rolled out of the woods. He was in pain. He had dumped it and thrown himself upon a stump. Hopefully he doesn't lose a kidney or spleen. Regardless his day was over early. We then went looking for Jen and found her in a few as she was backtracking looking for Tim as well. After this the three of us headed up Peaked. DEA was on his SS 29er and was quite impressive climbing on it. Watching him has made me wonder if I am man enough to join the SS world. We finished the traverse and had a nice ride. A good way to start a Friday and kick off a holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day to all.


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