Monday, September 18, 2006

DEA's week recap

Another weekend has ended, oh well. Amazing how fast they go by. Got some painting and work around the house done, but I made sure to also get in some riding as well!

Ended up doing a fun group ride on Saturday morning with JJ and a crew from his neighborhood. It was a good group, mellow pace and we spent about 2 hours just cruising the Davis Hill area. Then we managed to loose one of our riders so I went one way while Getch went another and the rest of the crew stayed put in case Jen showed up. It was kinda interesting as the first two hours had been a nice mellow pace, but now that we were on search mode the pace was more like race pace. I cleared the loops that I had been searching and then found the group, still no Jen- so we figured she took a wrong turn and was now ahead of us and at her car- so off we went back to the trail head. We got to where her car was and still no sign- so off to JJ’s house to grab the phone with her number and then a new search plan was hatched. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous at this point, plenty of time had passed for her to have made her way out of the woods and we were operating on the thought that she knew the trails pretty well- so it was either she was in a heap or sitting with a busted bike. I put the hammer down and raced back to the top of the trail system when JJ called to say that Jen had called and was OK but lost and a little sketched out. She didn’t really give any good indicator as to where she was but JJ told her to sit tight and we’d come in from different sides. I clipped back in and started riding hard again. Is it bad that I was having a ball riding hard while enjoying the benefits of a good adrenaline surge? I was riding the same loop we did in the morning but at a greatly elevated pace. It wasn’t long before I came around a corner and saw Jen’s dog Maggie and then Jen wasn’t two much further away. She looked relieved to see me, I called JJ and told them where we were and they began riding in from the northern entrance to Two Bridge and we came in from the south and met in the middle. It was at this point that my legs decided they had had enough and I was struggling a bit to get back home. All in all a good ride.

Then Sunday I took the cross bike out and did some skills work, I still am VERY rough on my remount, and I have to say there is a part of me that is convinced that I’m going to snap a seat post- which isn’t a pleasant thought!

Going back in time- I was up in Camden Maine much of last week, got in some good riding at the Camden Snow Bowl. They have what could become a great mountain bike trail system with some unreal views from the summit. Don’t be surprised if you see a 24 hour mountain bike race crop up at the CSB in the coming years.

On the way back I stopped into Bath Cycle and Ski (, met Darcy the store manager and got a full on tour of the shop. It was pretty cool. Bought a Surly 20t for the Rig and a set of the Time Atac platform pedals (which I now am a huge fan of- a bit heavier but for a SS a great choice). When I got home we loaded up the kids and headed to Great Glen fro the weekly trail running series- I am slow as death when it comes to running!

That’s my recap- about 8 hours or so for the week, not a Jay training level but not to bad for a busy week.

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