Monday, September 25, 2006

MTB Race Season comes to a close, Cross is up next

Saturday was the last race on my schedule for the season on my Mt Bike. The Fat Tire Festival at Bear Notch put on by The Red Jersey. What can you say, they always put on nice events, unfortunately they can't control the weather. It rained, and rained and then it was wet.

The night before I went to bed after checking the radar thinking that the rain was going to hold off until after 1pm. It had been dry most of the week so conditions were dry and so I figured I would continue my Singlespeed experiment and race it on Saturday. One issue I have is the tire I am running are Kenda Kahn's which are basically heavy duty slicks. Not too much good in the slop. So when I woke up and the rain had already started the SS was back on the shelf and the Yeti was back in the game.

It was a bit odd getting back on a 26 inch bike after riding the SS 29er for a couple weeks. I got used to it soon enough and was happy to have the better traction the tires it has. We had the random bib draw and I was about the 18th ride to start the TT format. Due to the weather the crown was not as large as I had expected, but of course all the better riders showed.

I began my first of my 4 laps at what I felt was a descent pace. I quickly picked off a couple of riders and was feeling pretty good. After my first lap I tried to push a little harder and found that while I was not red lining I didn't feel much power in the legs. That continued to be the story for my race. It was OK but I was not really hammering. Maybe staying out drinking later than NK is not such a good thing the night before a race??? About half way through the third lap, DEA caught me. I knew at that moment that my suspicions about my legs was confirmed. He had made up the 90 secs I had on him from the start. I was pretty bummed at that point but didn't have the ability to do anything about it. I basically went to damage control hoping not to let too many others pass me. We rode the rest of the lap and about half the last lap together. (DEA was riding his SS on its maiden race)

The race has 2 water crossings on each lap. Right before the first there was this little spot that was rocky and rooty and just off camber enough that I had been running it the entire race. Each time I came to it I was looking for a line as I ran up it. Finally on the last lap, with DEA behind me, I tell him I have not ridden it the entire race and he says ditto for him. For some reason I decide to give it a go. My front wheel hit where I thought it should and instantly turned 90 degrees. The bike went right over the bars came up and I got a very nice Ergon tattoo in my ribs. That did not feel so good. I couldn't breath, but I did manage to tell DEA that what I just did was pretty stupid. I don't think he disagreed.

After getting my wind back I continued on and DEA promptly started to put some distance on me. At this point I had no legs nor any lungs, except a partially collapsed one, at least it felt that way. I was almost done with the lap when a really fast dude went past me. I tried to get on his wheel but soon realized I was not steering so good and it was better to finish at my own pace. A few seconds later I came upon DEA working on his Rig. He'd thrown a chain. Time for a new BB??? I made it across the last water crossing and to the finish. I was wet, a little bloody, pretty spent and very sore.

As results were posted I ended up taking second place in my division. Not as bad as I had figured, but not happy with it either. Computer difficulties prevented the compilation of the series overall points so we'll have to wait and see how they come out. Considering I only was able to make 2 of the 4 events it will be interesting.

Now that the MTB season is coming to a close its time for some great night riding and some good weekend rides. Still putting the Conway/TWAF Death March together, anyone up for a little 50-60 miler???


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weak and feeble said...

Cros is up next, you make it sound as if you're doing some cross races this year?