Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where were my legs?

JJ and I rode in to work today via the redstone trail and the powerline. We spun our legs off getting to Sears on the pavement- which was entertaining, but once on the dirt it got to be a touch more fun.

JJ is now the powerhouse of the group. I was killing myself trying to stay on his wheel and the bastard was talking while I was sucking O2 from as far away as Berlin (I could tell 'cuz it tasted funny)- oh well. As much as I want to say his tire/wheel set up is faster (it is) it's not fast enough to be kickly my ass the way he was this morning. Oh well.

So did my usual cruz around the world of cycling blogs this morning- good stuff out there. It's almost like a good riding loop- you learn a little something every time out and at the same time it's relaxing and reminds you of why you love this sport. So who do I read? here you go:
Team Dicky
fat marc
Jeff Kerkove

Of course I usually also check velo and cyclingnews for any racing updates, but lately all it's been is about doping. Dopers Suck- gotta love those socks, I need to pick up a pair.

This weeked we have the finals for the Importech Summer Race Series. Looks like I've got a shot at taking the series in the Sport division, which is cool- but also means I'm moving to Expert next year- say good bye to the podium!

After that it'll be cross season with the highlight being Porky Gulch in November, hope to see you there!


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Sandbagger you are