Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend on the SS

So I've been anb owner of an SS 29er for a week now. My impressions so far are that it makes you work harder. It does make you ride faster though. On the saturday AM ride DEA and I were with a group of almost 10 folks and we were the only ones on SS's. It was a fun ride and it was interesting to see the differences in the riders running geared rigs and us on the SS's. We were at teh front most of the time and on climbs put large gaps on the rest of the groups. It might be a combination of factors including the SS, fitness as well as competativeness between DEA and I. But at the top of the one long climb we were wating close to 5 minutes or more for the group to reconnect. One thing I have to get used to, is riding a fully ridgid bike. After almost 25 miles of riding saturday, I was pretty tired, not my legs as much as my core & back. Have to hit the gym and get in better shape for longer rides. Overall I am liking the SS experiment so far.


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