Monday, September 04, 2006

Ernesto's rain

It's been a good few days of riding, but my body is starting to itch for an epic ride- any thoughts? As JJ mentioned we had a run ride on Friday morning, and then I went home and continued working on our pump track/skills course. This started out as a little loop for the kids, but has began to take on a life of its own. Currently all that is done is that loop itself is cleared and ridable, we have two banked turns built, one up and over on a good sized rock, and a 20' log that has cleats on one end and then just narrows down to a 4" wide section at the end. Still to be added will be at least on double and one triple whoop section, and maybe a couple other singles. So is this really for the kids or is it for me??? Hmm

Yesterday the remnants of Ernesto (not Sologoat, but the storm) visited the Valley. My legs and body were feeling kinda crummy and in need of getting outside and I hadn't ridden the Cross Check since converting it over to a SS cross rig, so I grabbed it and headed out for a ride. The day reminded me of the day JJ and I rode a century in the pouring rain earlier in the year. The difference was I was only heading out for an hour today not a six hour ride!

I headed over to Pine Tree and cruised around on some of the mellow single track. The bike was riding really well. I'm trying running my tires with 50psi or less on the cross bike and that made a HUGE difference on how the bike handled and gripped. You'd think I would have made that connection in the past but for what ever reason I took more of a road rider mentality and ran my tires pretty firm- live and learn!

I ended up a JJ's house as I needed to adjust my saddle height, plus I was soaking wet and wanted to see if he would show any interest in going out. He proved once again to be much smarter then I am!

I headed home and did some dismount and remount drills in the back field. I still can't do a smooth flying remount, instead I do this bizarre double skip before jumping on- need to work on that!

Hopefully TWAF will pull together for a good ride this week in the dark, maybe a couple hours over in Cedar Creek???


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