Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the invisible nK

ah, this time of year is typically my favorite. rugby season is getting ready to gear up into full violence mode, i can sense impending snowfall, and it's finally not 89 degrees out every day. life is good!

...or so it would seem... because this year i feel that i've been cheating on my mistress with my wife, as it were, as i've been spending so much time away from rugby over the past months that now that i've returned to her i've left my bike (said mistress) by the wayside. and she's an angry mistress indeed.

i'm going to have to start figuring out a way to get out on the pedals more often than once a week - it's just not enough to keep me satisfied right now - but to do that i know it means getting up at 6:30, and that means leaving The Pretty Girl alone... and that's hard to do.

A1, DEA, JJ, stop snickering. you're married, which means all romance is dead. some of us still have spark in our lives. PJ, you're a freak, so i know you've still got some lead in your pencil...

so, yes, as DEA pointed out rugby season begins saturday. i'll try to get some shots to, like sven said, illustrate why my bike is in a constant state of damage.


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