Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have pants...

So DEA was right, we planned a ride to work this morning. He on his SS and me on my multi-speed. When we began our ride we were on the pave`. I did put a bit of a gap on DEA but not intentionally, but maybe subliminally letting him know that he SS does have its drawbacks. While it might be a light rig and fun, it does only have one speed. How fast can you peddle? I backaed off about a mile later and we rode the powerlines and sticks & stones. I decided to attempt to get a feel for the SS and guessed on a similar gear to what DEA was running and kept it there. Not sure why but as we rolled off the trails I was huffing and puffing, I hope he was too. As I was peddling along I was thinking that I brought all my clothes for work except pants. I was pretty sure I had a pair there so as to not be in spandex all day. But then I began to question whether I had any or not. Could make for an interesting day. Nothing like meeting clients in a tie and spandex. Well lucky for me I did, or maybe lucky for my co-workers and clients, I have pants.

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weak and feeble said...

how fast can you pedal? hmmmmmm, seems like the sprint for the Ctr. Conway line might have answered that! by the way my body still hurts from that effort!