Thursday, October 19, 2006

Calling all Crossers

This Sunday will be week #2 for the Great Glen CX series. My wife is going to jump into the Beginer race sporting a soon to be cobbed together Ghetto-cross bike and hopefully she'll sport her TWAF jersey. Rumor has it A1 has snagged an old hard tail mtb for Sunday and I'm guessing JJ will race on his Monocog- so it's looking like TWAF will have good representation.

Then coming up in a few weeks (Nov 4th and 5th) the Porky Gulch Classic Stage Race will kick off with a two mile TT up the lower slopes of the Mount Washington Auto Road. The best part of that- you get to ride back down! Then we head to Story Land for a road crit inside the park- this is the best crit in the country- here's a link to Story Land- envision ripping around in here at 25+mph!
Story Land

Then Sunday is the cross race, it used to be my race but now it's park of the weekend and now I'm just a racer (which was my original goal). It's a kick ass weekend of racing and on the fun scale is right up there with the 24 HOGG.

If you want to sign up go here: Bike Reg

In other news an old friend of mine has hit the blogosphere, check out Hansi's blog (that's right PJ- Hansi has resurfaced): Hansi's Blog
Hansi is a sick puppy who had done a lot of crazy adventures and I'm sure he'll be putting up some interesting posts.

Night ride tonight anyone?


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