Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Night ride tonight (I hope) should be fun. I wonder if A1 will make it? Sounds like Nk is out- oh well.

Saw a cool sequence in Velonews by Chris Milliman with Jeremy Powers bunnyhopping. We're hoping the Chris can get over this way for a ride with TWAF. Check out his new 29er SS- holy s&^t that is nice looking! Chris's blog and Seven

I've got some weird bruises on my legs- not sure if I stacked it harder then I thought last week or if K has been beating me in my sleep with a golf club. Who knows.

I'm getting anxious to race CX soon. The GGTOC series starts soon their site there's a chance PJ may come over to race. I still have a Kona Jake the Snake available if someone wants a cross bike- let me know.

That's it at the moment.


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