Monday, October 09, 2006

TWAF Rides Again

As DEA said, TWAF (less NK) got out for a night ride saturday night. It was a pretty late ride as we didn't get rolling til about 9:45PM. We did a longer ride that normal, but it wasn't a school night. We got in a good bit o climbing as we rode most of the hills we could find it seemed. Only issue was Karen's stew and the effect it was having on PJ. He was better off, as were we, if he was bringing up the rear. DEA and I rode it on our SS niners and PJ and A1 rode their geared kids bikes. It was prety chilly and as it was approaching 11:20PM we called it a night and headed in. It was nice to have the crew together.

The numbers:
Total time: 2hr, 28 mins
Moving time: 1hr 32 mins
Distance: 12.42 miles
Moving speed: 8.0
Elev. gain: 1,507 feet

Thanks to the Garmin Edge 305.


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