Tuesday, October 17, 2006

snake bite karma

It’s Tuesday. Not sure why I’m pointing that out, but I am. On the commute home last night I got a rear flat, not that getting a flat is news but it was comical (at least in my mind) how it all came about. I was on the cross bike riding the powerline, there is a section about fifty yards long that has a lot of roots. I’ve been trying to ride my cross tires at fairly low PSI- 38psi to 40psi- so I know snake bites are possible- but I wanted to hammer through this section of roots- just cuz. About half way through I bunny hop a section of roots land nice and smooth and am very proud of myself and laughing at my fear of snake bites. Fifty yards later there is a single root, a small root, I ride over it but didn’t really unweight the way I should have, I feel the rear wheel slam into the root and then the familiar lub-lub-lub of a rear wheel going soft and then flat. I pulled off and just started laughing. Looking back at the rough section I had cleaned and the lone root that had me now pulling out my 15mm wrench and tube and pump. Freakin karma- always keeps you in check.

Ordered the new tires for what will become K’s Ghetto-cross bike (a term ripped from this site: Ghetto Cross

Hopefully the parts will be in mid week so I’ve got time to tweak everything and strip all the bikes that need to be cannibalized. I also ordered a couple things for the Kona so that it can be put back together and ready for it’s (hopefully) new owner.

This weekend is the Catamount Cyclo-Cross weekend, which I’d love to head over for but it isn’t going to happen. We’ll race up at Great Glen on Sunday which should be fun.

Hopefully TWAF will get out for a few night rides this week- in the rain- just like all our training for Jay!


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