Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Night Ride

JJ and I saddled up last night a bit after 9pm for a spin in the woods. We had hoped to drag A1 out but he was heading to bed early- must have been tired from all the tents (total side note but you can head over to Oktoberfest at Attitash this weekend and enjoy beer and hang out under one of A1's fine tents)

We dropped into the top of Davis Hill and rode the loop we spun this weekend. It was good, a slightly faster pace with fewer stops so the ride took about an hour less then our weekend rip. Neither of us went for a swim in the pond- which was a very good thing. Neither of us even tried the upper rock garden. Both of us made stupid noises trying to make sure that if a bear, moose, or skunk that might also be enjoying the trail knew we were coming. I think I need to find a small bell that I can just hang from my seat and see if that works (any suggestions out there?) When JJ and I used to ride geared bikes all the chain slap and shifting made plenty of noise- now that we're both on SS bikes they run damn quiet.

It was a great ride, can't wait to do it again. Any readers out there who are up for night rides in the Conway area drop us a comment and we'll try to connect.

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