Friday, October 20, 2006

The Ghetto-Cross project

Last night I had planned to go for a night ride, I'd been lazy and driven to work and didn't run- so I had pretty much bagged the whole day- so knowing a new episode of Smallville was on at 8 and that the Ghetto-Cross was in need of building, and the fact a big box had showed up from Bikeman- I skipped the ride and got greasy.

Here are the basics- K owns an older S-Works M2 mountain bike and a Cannondale R600 Compact (650c wheels) road bike- those would be the source of most of the parts. I had converted my old S-Works M2 over to a ridgid SS so that was where I stole the fork from. Plus I had a Kona Jake the Snake that I had stripped clean and am getting ready to rebuild so there was a good pile of parts.

So the bars and cranks got pulled from the Cannondale, the fork from my 26"SS, new tires from Bikeman, and I pulled out an old 42T chainring I spent a half hour on the grinding wheel.

Here are the pics:

The Cannondale striped

My SS with no fork

The super swank custom chainring gaurd

Side view of the Ghetto-cross

Front view of the Ghetto-cross

That is where the project stands, now I need to find a sub 100mm stem as the one on there is too long and I don't have anything any shorter, so a lunch time run around time today should solve that. I also picked up the Cyclocross Solutions DVD- I learned a bunch, I could really get into this foolish cross thing!

Legs felt great on the ride in. Raining but still pretty good temps. I picked up a set of those Knog lights- pretty cool. Their tiny but put out some good light. Also got new tires for my cross bike, those will go on tonight.

That's the skinny. Let's go for a ride!


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mbutterfly said...

Send me more pics, I want to feature this on my site, if you don't mind! I am so glad that you did this, it's great!

kerrylitka (at)