Monday, October 09, 2006

Good weekend

Columbus Day is here and soon to be gone, it won't be long before skiing starts to take over the minds of TWAF, but we still have a good six plus weeks of riding before we can really start to jones to get on the hill.

This weekend saw PJ come over to do a bit of riding. We did a night ride on Saturday, in attendance: PJ, A1, JJ, and myself. We road out in Davis and reversed the Beaver Loop. We only lost PJ once and for the most part everyone stayed in one piece. It got cold at the end, and with the clock nearing 11pm we chose to ride back the last couple of miles on the road and skip the three water crossings that would have made already cold feet extremely cold. I think PJ may have been the only one who was warm, I wonder why:

On Saturday A1, PJ, my family and A1's family all hit the Red Fox Pub for a bit of brunch- good stuff. PJ and I then snuck out for a bit of a road ride. Beautiful weather but no matter where we went we ran into major traffic.

In other news we finally got new front steps. I tore off our old front steps in May, yup May. So instead of a shiney new IF frame coming on UPS I had this show up this morning instead:

That does if for now, gotta go feed the kids. Who's up for a night ride?


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