Monday, October 30, 2006

A wet saturday

All this fall week we planned on an epic ride for saturday morning. A nice 30+ miles. WEll about wednesay the weather man was telling us the remnants of a huricane were going to arrive on saturday. THe group ride of maybe 20 people was down to 2, DEA and me. I guess conditions were not ideal, high 30's and steady hard rain. DEA and I did about a 60 minute ride and I got to test out the new Reba Race fork and I also threw on an Avid BB7 disc brake up front. Wow what an upgrade. I had handling and stopping power. I felt somewhat like a sellout for not staying with the rigid fork, but not after the first descent when I looked back and did not see DEA. If I was a sellout, I was a smiling sellout. After that the ride was wet, and got progressively colder. Neither of us were feeling very peppy, for me cause I have not been riding the same amounts, for DEA, not sure his excuse. Hope for a night ride this week and maybe a commute on Wednesday. We'll see.


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