Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wednesday Night Ride

We had hopes of putting a group together for a ride last night. As it turned out we had myself, DEA and A1. A smallish group I guess. We headed out and up Davis Hill Rd. to the trailhead and as we were climbing the hill I noticed the pace was a little more brisk than normal. As we dropped in DEA and A1 put some distance on me. Cheaters they are, riding bikes with suspension and all. After I made it down the descent I was able to catch back on. We decided to show A1 the Beaver Damn trail and headed out to do basically the same loop as we had on Monday night.

We continued our not so quiet riding hoping to spook any wildlife that might have been out there. Everyone made it across the beaver damn dry. My legs were suffering and so were my lungs. I checked my HR and I was pegged a couple times at 189. Not far of my max. I was in difficulty as we were not slowing down nor were we stopping to catch our breath. The trail after the beaver damn is pretty much just an uphill rock garden. I was grinding along but it was painful for sure. After that section we headed back to the ridge trail and then took the Minora trail which was a nice change and a while since we had ridden it that direction. After climbing back out and heading home we headed to my place for a couple post ride PBR's. Overall the ride had the feel of a training ride and not a fun night ride with friends.

The numbers:
Total time: 1hr, 1 mins
Moving time: 58 mins
Distance: 8.44 miles
Moving speed: 8.6
Elev. gain: 934 feet

Thanks to the Garmin Edge 305.

Looks like another night ride this Saturday for those of us without a social life, guess that is our social life. PJ is supposed to be coming to town. See ya on the trails.


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