Wednesday, June 06, 2007

24 hour course tour??

Spoke with JJ last night and there are the rumblings of a course inspection up at Great Glen tomorrow night. Now upon writing that I wonder why on earth I need to inspect a course that I have close to 80 race laps on and almost as many laps when just out riding or doing course work. Well this year the TWAF crew (A1, JJ and I) are racing on SS's in the solo catagory- so a totally different animal then in years past. We need to get a feel for gearing, and I need to get a feel for running rigid vs running the Reba.

I'm hoping the course gets a chance to dry out a bit as today is looking pretty good and so is tomorrow. Yesterday and the past few days have seen their share of precipitation- I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I didn't get out on the bike at all yesterday, but was able to commute on Monday and again today. Monday, as JJ pointed out, was VERY wet- but I was pleased to see how many other foolish people were out pedaling in the rain. Of course now that it's nice out I looked at the road bike and felt anguish at how dirty it is. Oh well. That reminds me- I've got a very nice new road frame that has the headset pressed, fork installed and cut, new BB and cranks installed- hanging in the basement. I think I've had the frame for close to two months now and nothing- haven't finished the build- what's wrong with me? I got the other Salsa, the mountain bike- built in about a day- but the road bike has just not taken priority. Part of the issue is that I need to buy a new front derailleur for it as the one on the Cannondale is a 31.8mm clamp- toooooo big for steel. Excuses, excuses.

I did see that Mike has his new 29er SS built and ready to go- so we need to get out on the trails with him soon!

That's it for me.



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