Thursday, June 14, 2007

From the JRA Files...

Last night DEA called me to see if I was up for a night ride. We headed out at about 9PM and began our usual ride. About 3.5 miles into it DEA was riding in front of me when I saw his left leg all of the sudden look as if it pulled off his peddle. He came to a stop and upon closer inspection, the peddle was still attached to his foot, but so was the crank arm. Problem was the crank arm was not connected to the bike anymore.

We both had a laugh and then began a futile search for the 10mm bolt that had fallen out somewhere along the trail. Needless to say we did not find it. So DEA took the crank arm/peddle assembly and put it in his pack and we decided it was time to head home. We figured out what we figured would be the flattest route back. DEA was forced to ride with only one peddle and his right leg doing all the work. His left leg was sort of just flailing in the air as he rode along. I was riding behind him and could not help but laugh as we made our way back. It was pretty funny watching him.

We came upon a water bar that has a little incline coming out of it. I was following him trying to keep my distance and as DEA rolled out from the water bar he came to a stop and I was not really aware that he had stopped and now was beginning to roll backwards into the water bar. He rolled back into me and onto a big stump. It was a pretty sad site. Where's the camera when you needed it???

We made it back and got about an hour in for the unique ride. Definitely one of those "Just Riding Along" stories to laugh about. Don't get into a one legged ass kicking contest with DEA, he's da man. Hoping to get out this weekend for some long Father's Day riding. See ya on the trails.



weak and feeble said...

It's ok to laugh, I was laughing. Talk about stupid, I had been feeling something loose and it never dawned on me to check the crank bolts!

The worst part about falling backwards, I was stuck and dependant on JJ coming and helping me up.

So anyone out riding in Davis Hill, keep your eyes peeled for a crank bolt.



bluecolnago said...

that's definitely a good one! i've never lost a crank arm and hope that i never do! glad everything worked out for you.

peace out, yo!