Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day TWAF outing

My alarm went off at 6:30 on Father's Day. No breakfast in bed for the dads of TWAF. Instead we all got out for about 3 hours of fun in the woods. DEA, A1 and I headed out at 7AM, a bit too early for another bunch that was going to roll out at 9ish. We figured we catch them on the trails and by that point we'd be tired enough that we'd be a better matched group.

My legs started out feeling like they still had some junk in them from the good ride DEA and I did on friday. After the first climb they started to wake up and I felt pretty good all morning. I think by the end of the ride we covered most of the trail we have on Davis Hill, well probably about 85% of them anyhow.

We ended up riding about 17.64 miles and climbing about 1600 feet during the ride with some very good climbing. The weather was perfect, I think the only complaint I had was the deer flies and mosquitoes. After a couple hours the bug spray has lost its effect and we were constantly being chased by a flockof flying insects that were driving me nuts.

I tried to shoot some action shots and they were not as sharp as I would have liked. I was trying to get a sequence of pics in the continuous mode, but got a few blurred shots instead. Oh well.

DEA in his bug proof arm warmers

A1 in his Camo shorts

Garmin Edge Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 2:55:42 9:57 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 2:26:25 8:18 pace
Distance (mi ) 17.64
Moving Speed (mph) 7.2 avg. 26.5 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +1,673 / -1,680

Avg. Heart Rate 139 bpm Zone 3.4

After the ride we headed to Portland and caught the Sea Dogs baseball game and had a nice Fathers Day. Hope everyone else's was just as great.


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weak and feeble said...

It was a good ride, I'll post up my attempt at action shots as well. Yes point and shoot cameras have thier limitations, but damn they're easy to carry!