Monday, June 11, 2007

Good weekend

Didn't get out riding this weekend as much as I had hoped. Was planning on riding from N. Conway to Concord Saturday morning but a little league game got rescheduled and since I am the coach I was told I couldn't go for the ride and had to go to the game. Oh well. On Friday night my cell phone went off and it was about 12:30 in the AM, guess that makes it real early Saturday morning. But I get up and answer it and its a picture that I can really make out. Looks like a lot of skin, but I was a bit bleary eyed and couldn't make it out very well. Either way I figured it was just a friend sending me some sort of dirty pic. I went back to bed and forgot about it until I got to work this morning and Jennifer asked me if I got her pic. Turns out Jim, one of the guys I rode the 24 Hours of Great Glen with last summer was riding Friday night and had a run in with a tree, and we thought BP had a problem with trees.

Union Leader Article

As it turned out, Jim impaled his lower leg on a pretty good sized tree the punched a big hole in his leg, right between his tibia and fibula. Guess it was pushing to come out the other side, ouch. Jim's out of the hospital and recovering. Damn that's nasty.

Well DEA and I did get out for a ride last evening and it was not too bad, except I fell in a nasty bog and seemed to find anything that was wet and muddy. Looking at the two of us you'd think we were on different rides as DEA was clean and I was not at all.

DEA did have a mishap in a rock garden and smashed his ankle into some granite. It looked nasty and very hurtful. I know that particular granite well as it has left its mark on my legs permanently as well.

This is Jake, DEA's newest addition to the family and a new trail dog. He was the only one who wasn't winded.

Looks like a nice day for a ride.



weak and feeble said...

The only shots JJ could snag of me was when I was walking- cuz the rest of the time I was going so flippin fast he couldn't catch me in frame!

Rumor has it Jim is doing well, that is one nasty shin dinger! I'm now thinking all those people riding with shin gaurds might be on to something.



bluecolnago said...

damn! that is nasty! i impaled my thigh with a tree branch a couple of years ago but it was NOTHING like that. wow! hope it heals quickly!

everyone walks their bike at some point! lol.

be good!

peace out, yo!

weak and feeble said...

Some of us walk earlier and more often too.