Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Family ride

Got out on Sunday morning with the girls, Emma was in tow on the trail-a-bike (her maiden voyage) and K and Lillo leading the way. It was great to get everyone out for a spin, especially now that Emma was able to ride the trail-a-bike.
Lillo and K

Emma and I out for a cruz

We rode a bit of singletrack and a few of the camp roads that lead down to the lake. We got out for about an hour. Lillo was trying to jump every big bump in the road and Emma was encouraging me to hit all the bumps that her big sister hit. Good times.

Later in the day I snuck out with JJ for a good spin with the dogs. He posted a pic of the new trail dog, but here is the original trail dog with her new knee all healed up (granted this is a winter shot but it's my favorite of her)
Molly Dog
JJ the dogs and I rode the beaver damn loop and, as shown by JJ's photos, I had to push part of the climb- I've never cleaned that thing and I don't know if I'll ever find the line. That wasn't the only pushing I did- the Nasty took me out as well. We rode a couple of sections multiple times, but then I tried to clean the rock step and it took me out. I ripped up my ankle a little bit, but after seeing the images from Jim's wreck (scroll down to JJ's post) my bodily damage didn't even get a score from the bribed Russian judge.

So that's it from here. Get out and ride.

later- DEA

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bluecolnago said...

that's a good lookin' family you've got there....

peace out, yo!