Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slow week

It hasn't been the best riding conditions for me as of late. Last Thursday was the last really good ride I've done (the RJC race- which A1 won the Senior Sport catagory and I was DFL in the Senior Export catagory- oh well). This past weekend I built up bikes, rebuilt K's mountain bike, new crank, new bars, new cables. I then reworked my S-works SS (26") and then stripped the Cannondale to FINALLY build up the Salsa- nice ride- still needs some dialing in. That and I finally put the Surly Cross check all back together (had stolen some crank parts) as well as the Blur so I now have five fully functional rides and two others that are just moments from being ridable.

Today is supposed to be another hot one- upper 90's and since my only running race is a week away and I haven't run in six months or so I think I'll go for a run under the hot sun around noon. That'll be smart.

That's it from here.



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bluecolnago said...

dfl? oh yeah! that's MY place!!!!

waiting on pics of the new road bike....